Efficient buck-boost controller for battery systems in autonomous vehicles

26-09-2018 | Analog Devices | Automotive Technologies

Analog Devices has released the Power by Linear LT8708/-1, a 98% efficient bidirectional buck-boost switching regulator controller that runs between two batteries that have the same voltage, which are perfectd for redundancy in self-driving cars. The device runs from an input voltage that can be above, below or equal to the output voltage, making it ideal for two each 12V, 24V or 48V batteries generally found in electric and hybrid vehicles. It runs between two batteries and stops system shut-down should one of the batteries fail. The device can also be used in 48V/12V and 48V/24V dual battery systems.

The device operates with a single inductor over a 2.8V to 80V input voltage range and can generate an output voltage from 1.3V to 80V, providing up to several kilowatts of power depending on the selection of external components and number of phases. It simplifies bidirectional power conversion in battery/capacitor backup systems that demand regulation of VOUT, VIN, and/or IOUT, IIN, in both the forward or reverse direction. This device’s six independent forms of regulation enable it to be used in numerous applications.

The device is provided in a 5mm x 8mm QFN-40 package. Three temperature grades are available, with operation from –40C to 125C for the extended and industrial grades and a high temperature automotive range of –40C to 150C.

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