New 'clock tree on a chip' adds innovative multi-profile support

15-08-2018 | Silicon Labs | Passives

Silicon Labs has extended its Si5332 any-frequency clock portfolio with new versions incorporating the clock IC and a quartz crystal reference inside the same package, simplifying board layout and design. The all-in-one solution ensures reliable start-up and operation over the lifetime of the product. The company is also introducing multi-profile support across the entire family, allowing developers to combine multiple clock tree configurations into a single part number. “The Si5332 clock generator offers the industry’s highest level of timing integration, enabling complete clock tree consolidation in 10/25/100G data centre, communications, industrial and broadcast video applications,” said James Wilson, general manager of timing products at Silicon Labs. “This comprehensive timing solution reduces supply chain complexity since it’s sourced from a single supplier, Silicon Labs.” The clock leverages the company’s proven MultiSynth technology to offer any-frequency, any-output clock syntheses with excellent jitter performance. Supporting up to 12 clock outputs, selectable signal formats per output clock (LVDS, LVPECL, HCSL, LVCMOS) and independent 1.8-3.3V VDDO, the portfolio interfaces to a wide range of FPGAs, ASICs, Ethernet switches/PHYs, processors, SoCs, and high-speed SerDes including PCIe. Collectively, these features allow the portfolio to consolidate an entire clock tree in a single IC.

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