Maximise system performance with dual-mode power monitoring IC

01-08-2018 | Microchip Technology | Power

Microchip Technology announces a flexible dual-mode power monitoring IC that measures both AC and DC modes with industry-leading accuracy of 0.1% error across a broad 4000:1 range. Power calculations and event monitoring are included with a single IC, reducing bill of materials cost and firmware development time.

The MCP39F511A power monitoring IC is a highly integrated device that meets the growing need for more accurate power measurements in high-performance designs. Power monitoring has become more widespread in expanding markets such as smart cities and smart homes as developers wish to monitor product performance and improve energy usage. To simplify calibration procedures and support most accuracy requirements, two 24-bit delta-sigma ADCs with 94.5 dB of SINAD performance and a 16-bit calculation engine are included. Ideal for a range of consumer, IoT and industrial applications, the IC automatically senses power supply types and switches between AC and DC modes, optimising measurement results. The device also aids developers with troubleshooting issues with an on-chip EEPROM that logs crucial events, as well as an integrated low-drift voltage reference and internal oscillator to lessen implementation costs.

Other benefits of using the IC include its flexibility and ease of implementation. The device offers standard power calculations such as active, active and reactive energy, reactive and apparent power, line frequency and power factor, root-mean-square (RMS) current and voltage, which allow designers to simply add highly accurate power monitoring functions to end applications with the minimum of firmware development.

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