Thermoelectric assembly increases cooling performance by up to 60%

06-08-2018 | Laird | Subs & Systems

Laird offers a high-performance thermoelectric assembly (TEA) series for indoor lab environments that provides a higher cooling performance per unit volume than other competitive systems. The SuperCool Series TEA offers a unique hot side air heat sink design that disperses heat more efficiently than other heat exchanger technologies. Using optimised thermoelectric modules (TEMs) together with a high-performance heat sink and fan shroud assembly, the TEAs transfer heat to air quickly. The series is intended for precise temperature control in compact analytical storage compartments and medical diagnostic chambers where space is limited.

The series has three models to give engineers with heat transfer mechanism options on the control side. Heat can be absorbed via conduction, liquid or convection. The liquid to air unit has a cooling capacity of 202W, while the direct to air has 193W and the air to air has 166W. All cooling capacities were measured at ?T=0C (Delta T = 0C) with a nominal operating voltage of 24VDC. Custom configurations are available upon request.

"This is a breakthrough for thermoelectric assembly technology to offer such high heat pumping capacity in a small form factor. The SuperCool Series enhances the cooling performance by up to 60% in same form factor versus conventional thermoelectric assemblies," said Anders Kottenauer, senior vice president of Laird's Thermal Systems business. "Our customers in the medical and analytical markets are demanding more stringent thermal requirements with less available space to work with. We have extensive design expertise, a diverse product portfolio, and a global footprint, which matches up well for our customers’ requirements."

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