SBC chosen for on-orbit satellite servicing vehicle

07-08-2018 | DDC | Subs & Systems

Data Device Corporation (DDC) has announced that the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), developer of the robotic servicing payload for RSGS, has chosen DDC’s SCS750 SBC for use on the Robotic Servicing of Geosynchronous Satellites program for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The program will offer an on-orbit satellite servicing vehicle that will transform US space operations in Geosynchronous Earth Orbit. As the lead payload developer for the program, NRL selected the company’s SBC due to its processing capabilities, radiation performance (in particular with the best in class upset rate of one uncorrectable error in 80 years), known reliability and flight heritage (TRL-9 since 2013). Several of the company's SBCs will be used in the RSGS satellite, providing for all perspectives of control including attitude control and robotic control, along with video processing.

By Electropages Admin