Fault-protected switches and multiplexers offer high performance in small packages

28-08-2018 | Analog Devices | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Analog Devices Fault-Protected Switches & Multiplexers are used for overvoltage protection, power off protection, high ESD, and latch-up. These switches and multiplexers are optimised for robustness and protection, and they offer high performance in industry-leading small packages. The devices protect themselves and are typically used at the edges of the PCB where overvoltage issues are liable to occur.

These switches, multiplexers, and channel protectors protect the devices caused by faults in power supply sequencing, sleep mode switching, voltage spikes, and other possible problems. Apart from fault detection, these devices produce a report to use in system diagnostics, where understanding the state of the system is important. These switches and multiplexers are used in applications such as automotive, instrumentation, aerospace and defence.

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