New CMOS camera link series for sectors requiring exceptional detail

26-07-2018 | Sony | Test & Measurement

Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions division has released its XCL-SG1240 series of Camera Link V2.0 modules, which employ a 1.1-type global shutter CMOS sensor to deliver 12MP images at 20fps. The series includes colour and black/white modules adding to the company's line of GS CMOS machine vision modules. The company has combined several features including shading correction, area gain, burst trigger and PoCL functions. The cameras are ideal for sectors requiring exceptional detail even in low (0.5 lx), imperfect or changing lighting conditions. The company has highlighted factory automation, intelligent transport, electronics manufacturing as well as AOI/panel inspection as potential applications. The modules come with both hardware and software-triggered synchronisation, with trigger modes of burst, edge detection and pulse width detection.

By Electropages Admin