New extreme performance scanner requires no battery

19-07-2018 | Honeywell | Test & Measurement

Honeywell has released new battery-free, extreme performance XenonTM handheld barcode scanners. Providing high-quality scanning capabilities and tough design, the scanner increases productivity and decreases total cost of ownership in critical scanning environments, such as light industrial, retail and healthcare. “Retailers and healthcare providers need a reliable imaging solution to handle their mission-critical scanning tasks,” said Stan Zywicki, general manager of scanning and printing for Honeywell’s Productivity Products business. “The industry-leading Xenon XP delivers high performance, durability and a cordless, battery-free option to reduce device downtime and service costs, which provides our customers with a lower total cost of ownership.” The new lightweight device has an excellent depth-of-field and can simply capture even the most difficult-to-read or damaged codes, saving time and boosting productivity. “Our technology enables snappy scanning and the ability to read what is often too difficult or even impossible for competitive solutions to capture,” said Zywicki. “We’ve applied a modern, user-focused design approach to deliver a device that is comfortable, sleek and easy to use.”

By Electropages Admin