Effective TFT display solution offered for Raspberry Pi

03-07-2018 | Display Technology | Subs & Systems

Display Technology Ltd has announced a range of compact Raspberry Pi Plug and Play display solutions. Ideal for a wide variety of applications, the solution offers a compact and effective TFT display option, with many different features and benefits. This solution offers IoT compact panels that are particularly designed to work together with varied sizes of TFT display solutions. The Raspberry PI-based TFT controller Artista-IoT is fastened to the back of the display, contained in a robust metal construction.

This great solution provides the ability to combine with customer applications efficiently and effectively, including the IoT and industry 4.0 projects. Those applications that demand the use of expensive industrial monitors can also benefit from the features of this concept.

By using the Artista-IoT TFT controller, users can benefit from the advantages of an ARM-PC when using IoT compact panels, as the front interfaces single 12V power supply, microSD, HDMI-IN, LAN, Line Out and 2xUSB. Also, there are additional options in terms of internal interfaces, such as UART, USB, LVDS and power supply via DC/DC converters.

The TFT backlight of the solution also offers the ability of automatic control through the display with a separate keypad or sensors for ambient light, whilst Bluetooth and WLAN are linked by making use of USB dongles.

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