Subrack family is ideal for many applications

22-06-2018 | Verotec | Subs & Systems

Verotec’s KM6 subrack family, which conforms to DIN41494 and IEC60297, is one of the most comprehensive and versatile systems available. Originally developed by Vero Electronics, it has continued to evolve to match the changing requirements of the electronics industry. The flagship KM6-II was introduced 30 years ago; its design, unchanged to this day, has stood the test of time with more than one million units supplied to many different sectors. The newer heavy-duty KM6 -HD units meet the requirements of MIL-STD-167, providing a combination of strength, versatility and configurability.

The subrack is offered as standard in 3U, 4U, 6U and 9U heights, widths of 24, 42, 60 and 84HP and depths of 160, 240, 300, 360 and 420mm. The range provides an extensive choice of tiebar recess and board depth. Two screw fixings of the tiebars into the side plates gives high structural strength and rigidity, allowing the heaviest boards and modules to be housed with complete confidence.

For use in railway, defence and other high shock and vibration environments, the heavy duty KM–HD range, available in heights of 3u, 6U and 9U and depths up to 400mm. It features 3mm thick side panels, deep tiebar extrusions and screw-down card guide mounts to give outstanding protection from shock and vibration. With integral EMC gasketing, a conductive finish throughout, an integral rear plug-up area and guides that provide PCB grounding, an ESD spring position and integral coding, it conforms to the requirements of IEEE1101.10 and 1101.11 for VMEbus, VXI, VME64x, VPX, cPCI, PXI and other open architecture bus-based systems.

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