Half bridge GaN driver achieves 50MHz power conversion

12-06-2018 | Texas Instruments | Design & Manufacture

The new Texas Instruments GaN half-bridge driver, LMG1210 allows designs at any speed (even up to 50MHz) with integrated dead time capability for 5x smaller DC-DC converters. This new device is in an easy-to-use QFN package for a wide range of high-frequency applications such as Class-D audio amplifiers and Class-E wireless charging. The 200V, half-bridge high-performance GaN FET driver, is designed for applications needing high switching speed, minimised dead time, as well as high efficiency. The drive voltage is accurately controlled by an internal LDO to 5V when higher auxiliary voltages are used. The driver can operate in two different modes: independent input mode (IIM) and PWM mode. In the IIM each of the outputs is independently controlled by a dedicated input. In PWM mode the two complementary output signals are produced from a single input, and the user can modify the dead time from 0 to 20ns for each edge. The device operates over a wide temperature range from –40C to 125C and is provided in a low-inductance WQFN package.

By Electropages Admin