ADC provides a high-accuracy, single-chip solution for demanding measurements

07-06-2018 | Texas Instruments | Power

The Texas Instruments ADS1260 and ADS1261 are precision, 40kSPS, delta-sigma ADCs with an integrated PGA and internal fault monitors. The sensor-ready ADCs produce a high-accuracy, single-chip solution for the most exacting measurements, including weighing scales and RTDs. The ADCs are composed of an input signal multiplexer, a low-noise PGA, providing gain from one to 128, a 24-bit ?S modulator, and a programmable digital filter. The high-impedance PGA inputs (1GOhm) reduce measurement error caused by sensor loading. The ADS1260 supports three differential or five single-ended inputs. The ADS1261 supports five differential or 10 single-ended inputs. The integrated current sources simplify the measurement of RTDs. The flexible digital filter is programmable for single-cycle settled conversions while providing simultaneous 50Hz and 60Hz line cycle rejection. Signal and reference monitors, a temperature sensor, and CRC data verification enhance data reliability. The devices are pin compatible devices offered in a 5mm × 5mm QFN package and are specified over the –40C to +125C temperature range.

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