Companies join forces to develop products for GaN power semiconductors

08-06-2018 | ROHM Semiconductor | Semiconductors

ROHM has announced their collaboration in the GaN Power Semiconductor business with GaN Systems, with the goal of adding to the ongoing evolution of power electronics.

This strategic partnership leverages GaN Systems’ capabilities in power GaN transistors along with ROHM’s extensive footprint in semiconductor and significant resources in the design and manufacture of electronic components. The companies have agreed to jointly develop form, fit and function-compatible products using GaN semiconductor dies in both GaNPX packaging and traditional power semiconductor packaging. The companies' customers will have the benefit of having two viable sources for package-compatible GaN power switches, presenting the broadest selection of dual-sourced GaN devices.

“GaN has rapidly made its ascent into power electronics applications, and this partnership exemplifies how important GaN has become in a complete power electronics offering,” said Jim Witham, CEO of GaN Systems. “We’re proud to partner with ROHM, a company well-known for developing industry-leading technologies. By combining our joint expertise and capabilities, we’re enabling more businesses to access and experience the benefits of GaN in achieving higher power, more efficient, smaller, and lighter power electronics.”

"ROHM has targeted the power device business as one of our growth strategies. We offer leading-edge products such as SiC (Silicon Carbide) power devices and provide power solutions that integrate control technologies, including gate drivers that maximise device performance. We are also developing GaN for next-generation power devices. By leveraging the superior technologies and expertise of both companies, we are able to accelerate the development of high-performance solutions to solve the needs of the power market,” said Katsumi Azuma, Senior Managing Director of ROHM Semiconductor.

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