Go anywhere, inspect anywhere durable, lightweight videoscope

26-06-2018 | Olympus | Test & Measurement

Ideal for the often-adverse conditions of industrial inspections, the durable, rugged design of the new Olympus IPLEX G Lite means this videoscope thrives where others fail. It offers an IP65 rating and is immune to high humidity, rain, freezing rain, salt fog, dust, and even electromagnetic or explosive environments. The device is also remarkably lightweight (1.15 kg) and can be carried and operated with a single hand. Offering fast and easy operation, the device features TrueFeel fully electric articulation – a natural way to manoeuvre through narrow spaces. Excellent manoeuvrability assists inspectors to save time on inspections by reaching hard-to-access areas quicker and captures detailed images. Giving clearer images, even of moving objects, the new video function on the device offers smooth 60fps recording. It also enables images to be taken while recording a video, which makes it easy to create a large number of images for a report with no need to start and stop the recording.

By Electropages Admin