Increasing system performance in closed-loop control applications

01-06-2018 | Microchip Technology | Semiconductors

Improvements in the architecture of PIC and AVR 8-bit MCUs have optimized the devices for using closed-loop control, enabling systems to offload the CPU to manage more tasks and save power. To enable designers to maximize performance and efficiency in these systems, Microchip has launched the new PIC18 Q10 and ATtiny1607 families, offering multiple intelligent CIPs that simplify development and give quick response time to system events. The MCUs are ideal for applications that use closed-loop control, a key advantage are the CIPs that independently manage tasks and decrease the amount of processing needed from the CPU. System architects can also save time and simplify design work with the hardware-based CIPs, significantly reducing the amount of software needed to write and validate. Both families have points for functional safety and operate up to 5V, increasing noise immunity and giving compatibility with the bulk of analog output and digital sensors. Offered in a compact 3mm x 3mm 20-pin QFN package, the new ATtiny1607 family is optimised for space-constrained closed-loop control systems including handheld power tools and remote controls. As well as the integrated high-speed ADC that gives faster conversion of analog signals resulting in deterministic system response, the devices offer improved oscillator accuracy, enabling designers to decrease external components and save costs. Among CIPs in the PIC18 Q10 family are the CWG peripheral, which simplifies complex switching designs, and an integrated ADC2 that produces advanced calculations and filtering of data in hardware without any interruption from the core. CIPs such as these enable the CPU to perform more complex tasks, such as HMI controls, and continue in a low-power mode to conserve power until processing is required. “We continue to see increased demand for flexible PIC and AVR microcontrollers in all kinds of embedded control applications,” said Steve Drehobl, vice president of Microchip’s 8-bit MCU business unit. “By focusing on the challenges faced by closed-loop control system designers, we’ve been able to offer them unprecedented ease of use and performance with the PIC18 Q10 and ATtiny1607 families.”