Unique Windows 10 single board computer has integrated Arduino compatible co-processor

20-06-2018 | JPR Electronics | Subs & Systems

JPR Electronics now supplies the LattePanda Windows 10 single board computer. The LattePanda SBC incorporates everything a regular PC has and does. It is compatible with virtually every device and gadget imaginable: printers, joysticks, cameras and more.

The SBC comes pre-installed with a full, pre-activated version of Windows 10, enabling the installation of powerful tools which includes as Visual Studio, NodeJS, Java, Processing and more. Using existing APIs, system designers can produce bespoke software and hardware projects in the same as would be done on a standard PC using major software suites including C#, Javascript, Ruby and more.

The SBS also incorporates an integrated Arduino compatible co-processor, which enables it to control and sense the physical world. This opens up application areas to Windows and IoT developers, education and home computer users, interactive systems designers, robotics developers and ‘Makers’.

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