Expanded series of robust surface mount PCB sockets

15-06-2018 | Harwin | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Harwin has added to its Sycamore Contact product offering. While this series was originally capable of accommodating 1mm and 1.5mm diameter contact pins, it now covers pin sizes from 0.8mm to 1.9mm.

There are a broad range of scenarios where electronic devices/modules will need replacement over time (such as depleted gas sensors or worn-out energy harvesting transducers). Also, initial exposure of these modules to soldering temperatures can present the risk of early failure due to heat damage. Both these risks show that direct soldering onto the PCB is unadvisable.

The series of surface mount PCB sockets enable odd-form devices/modules that are not ideal to regularly-spaced socket strip arrangements to be attached without future inconvenience, should removal be needed at a later stage. Whereas other contact solutions only cover two points of contact to the mating pin, making them bared to exposure from vibrational forces, the patent-pending design of the device gives engineers access to three contact points.

Offered in both top-entry and bottom-entry configurations, these sockets have a current rating of 6A and a 15mOhm (max) contact resistance. Their strong construction, using beryllium copper with gold plating, means that they provide 500 mating cycles and display an operational temperature range crossing from -50C to +125C. As these components can be provided in a tape-and-reel format, they are ideally suited to automated production processes, with the surface-mount placement feet also working as the pickup areas for pick-and-place machinery.

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