New PoE injectors available with integrated power supply or as stand-alone device

10-05-2018 | Pulse Power & Measurement Ltd. | Subs & Systems

PULS Power has released two new high-quality eight-port PoE power injectors which are available with either an integrated premium power supply or as stand-alone device

With up to eight ports and an integrated premium power supply at just 77mm wide, the AC input injector can do what generally needs a combination of at least two devices, decreasing costs and space required on the DIN Rail. For systems with an existing system power supply, this device is only 39mm wide offering designers’ maximum space savings.

Key points include high efficiency up to 95.5%, advanced inrush current limitation, active power factor correction small size of just 117mm x 39mm x 128mm for PoE Injector (DC input), 117mm x 77mm x 131mm PoE Injector (AC input), operational temperature range between -45C to +85C PoE Injector (DC input) and -25C to +70C PoE Injector (AC input).

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