New side bags for portable instrument enclosures

14-05-2018 | OKW Enclosures | Subs & Systems

OKW has added optional side bags to its CARRYTEC portable instrument enclosures – enabling sensors, probes and scanners to be readily available on the move. The enclosures are ideal for a wide range of applications including communications, data recording, medical and wellness, agriculture and forest management. The new zip-opening side bags are offered as accessories in left and right-hand configurations. Their design allows sensors and other cabled equipment to remain connected to the instrument enclosures when packed away – ready to use in an instant. The new side bags can be joined to screw connections on the main enclosure. They are constructed from moulded plastic and a hard-wearing textile fabric. Each bag has dual zips with corded loops and orange toggles for fast access. An eyelet on the top of each case allows a shoulder strap to be added. Side bags are available for CARRYTEC sizes S and M. Size S side bags are 82mm x 180mm x 65mm; size M side bags are 99mm x 214mm x 64mm.

By Craig Dyball