USB-C technology powers provide plug-and-play connectivity and fast charging

21-05-2018 | Cypress | Subs & Systems

Cypress Semiconductor's USB-C technology brings versatile connectivity and fast charging to Samsung’s DeX Pad, delivering a full-screen desktop experience to these users. Samsung DeX is a service that offers a PC-like experience with mobile devices. The DeX Pad accessory gives simple connection to peripherals such as a monitor, keyboard and mouse for the device. The company’s EZ-PD controllers allow these users to seamlessly connect their compatible Samsung Galaxy devices to the Pad’s USB-C port for access to peripherals, and to like fast charging with USB Power Delivery (PD). Once connected, the smartphone projects a PC-like user interface to the connected monitor.

“As consumers increasingly use their mobile devices for business applications, Samsung’s DeX Pad with Cypress’ USB-C connectivity technology provides a truly mobile desktop computing experience through the Samsung DeX service to stay connected on-the-go,” said Ajay Srikrishna, vice president of the Wired Connectivity Business Unit at Cypress. “Our EZ-PD controllers provide a seamless plug-and-play experience with convenient, fast charging, and their compact packages and high level of integration help enable sleek designs for docking applications, mobile devices, laptops, charging accessories and more.”

The USB Type-C and Power Delivery standards are gaining rapid support with top-tier electronics manufacturers by enabling slim industrial designs, easy-to-use connectors and cables, and the ability to transmit multiple protocols and deliver up to 100W of power. The USB Type-C standard’s 2.4mm-high connector plug is significantly smaller than the current 4.5mm USB Standard-A connector.

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