New case size for automotive-grade ultralow-ESR Tantalum capacitors

03-05-2018 | AVX | Passives

AVX Corporation has released a new "U" case (EIA Metric 7361-43) to its TRM Professional Series multianode, ultralow-ESR tantalum capacitors, increasing the range with many new ratings created to address the requirements of an ever-expanding scope of high-reliability automotive, defence, medical, aerospace, and industrial applications.

These volumetrically efficient surface-mount, J-lead capacitors are now offered in "U" case, "E" case (EIA Metric 7343-43), and "D" case (EIA Metric 7343-31), meet the demands of AEC-Q200, provide a broad range of capacitance values and voltage ratings spanning 4.7-1,500µF and 2.5-50V, and deliver twice the reliability of TPM Commercial Series tantalum capacitors, which also have the new "U" case size. The series has a base failure rate of 0.5% per 1,000 hours at 85C and rated voltage (VR) with 0.1Ohm/V series impedance, in addition to a 25% lower DCL limit (0.0075CV), high volumetric efficiency, and ultralow ESR values as low as 18mOhm at 100kHz.

"The new case size and extended ratings that we recently developed for our TRM Professional Series multianode, ultralow-ESR tantalum capacitors are designed to provide high-reliability solutions with high volumetric efficiency for an even broader range of the demanding automotive, military, medical, aerospace, and industrial applications that this series - which was first introduced to market in 2010 - has already long proven itself in," said Mitch Weaver, a member of the technical staff at AVX.

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