New module provides support for higher-speed testing in future automotive requirements

23-04-2018 | Yokogawa | Test & Measurement

Yokogawa Europe has a new CAN FD monitoring module for its ScopeCorder family of portable data-acquisition and recording instruments. The new 720242 plug-in module is compatible with the DL850EV (Vehicle Edition) instrument and the new DL350 ScopeCorder fitted with the /VE option. Using a ScopeCorder with a bus monitor modules to decode data from automotive serial buses such as CAN allows engineers to show information such as vehicle speed, engine temperature and brake pedal position as trend waveforms, and compare this with the analogue data produced by the actual sensors. This permits automotive engineers to obtain an accurate insight into the dynamic behaviour of the complete electromechanical system.

“The implementation and commissioning of CAN FD systems into actual vehicles requires either multiple instruments or a single versatile multi-channel instrument like the ScopeCorder to monitor the signals on the bus and display these together with those from the sensors along with data from the ECU”, says Terry Marrinan, Vice-President Yokogawa’s Test and Measurement Business Unit for Europe and OCEANIA and South-East Asia. “This is necessary in order to analyse the complete system and check that it and its latencies, for example, are operating as predicted and to find the cause of errors”, he adds: “Yokogawa is the first test and measurement company to offer this level of CAN FD capability on an instrument of this type.”

“Our many automotive ScopeCorder customers recognise that a ScopeCorder offers them a one-box solution for their testing needs and enables them to easily analyse data without the need to synchronise and import data from multiple instruments and devices”, says Marrinan: “They have been considering the use of CAN FD, and in advance of their actual testing requirements they have been asking us to add the capability for CAN FD to the ScopeCorder so that it is available when they need it. We are pleased to be able to satisfy these requests.”

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