Controlling plant growth selectively with artificial light

23-04-2018 | Wurth | New Technologies

Würth Elektronik has announced the WL-SMDC – the new mono-colour ceramic LEDs for SMT assembly – optimally tailored for artificially illuminated greenhouses. As well as manufacturing products in the traditional colours of blue, yellow, green and red, these LEDs are also offered in the wavelengths 450nm (Deep Blue), 660nm (Hyper Red) and 730nm (Far Red). The emissions spectra of these horticulture LEDs correlates optimally with the absorption spectra of plant photosynthesis pigments. The horticulture LEDs are characterised by high efficiency and brightness, as well as having outstanding PPF values – the Photosynthetic Photon Flux decides the energy that plants can draw from LED light. The LEDs have a low thermal resistance, an electrically neutral heat path and also provide a small package size (3535) with low power loss.

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