Low-cost pressure measurement for general purpose tasks

16-04-2018 | Variohm | Test & Measurement

Variohm EuroSensor has extended its range of pressure sensors with the new low-cost EPT2105 series for a 0.5-4.5V ratiometric output in two measurement range options of 10 and 12 bar. With its silicon pressure cell design based on the company's EPT2100 series, the new sensor replaces the 2100’s stainless steel casing with a moulded glass fibre reinforced Polyamide housing. With IP66 sealing, this cost-competitive sensor combines an M18 x 1.5 pressure port and a Packard connector for installation convenience.

The device’s monolithic sensing element includes a silicon measuring cell that combines with high level output circuitry for accuracy ranging from +/-0.5% at room temperature to +/-2.5% across the full temperature range of -40C to 125C. Stability/Year is specified < ±0.5% of range.

At just 50g and with a 10mA maximum current consumption and 5VDC excitation supply, the device is ideal for mobile machinery applications where weight and energy use are crucial requirements. The sensor comprises short circuit and reverse voltage protection with overrange and burst pressure ratings of 20 and 30 bar respectively to assure safe operation. Life expectancy is more than 10 million operations.

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