Newly-released mesh network performance results clarify IoT connectivity options

11-04-2018 | Silicon Laboratories Inc | Design Applications

Silicon Labs has released comprehensive network performance results based on large-scale, multicast testing of Zigbee, Thread and Bluetooth mesh software. Each mesh networking protocol offers unique characteristics and advantages, dependant on the use case and end application. All testing was conducted at the company's Boston design centre using their Wireless Gecko SoC platform to remove the device itself as a variable in testing the mesh protocols. “Understanding the inner workings of mesh technologies helps developers assess how these network protocols perform in the key areas of power consumption, throughput, security and large network scalability,” said Daniel Cooley, senior vice president and general manager of Silicon Labs’ IoT Products. “Zigbee, Thread and Bluetooth mesh are designed differently from the ground up, and we’re sharing our performance benchmark results to help developers select the right mesh connectivity option for their IoT designs.”

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