New air-cooled UV curing light is small, light and powerful

03-04-2018 | Kyocera | Subs & Systems

Kyocera Corporation has developed a new air-cooled UV-LED curing light that it claims is not only the world’s most powerful, but also the world’s smallest. The new Kyocera G5A Series is perfect for use in industrial UV ink printing applications, as well as billboard printing, UV-cured coating and adhesive processes.

The company's proprietary technology results in what is claimed to be the world’s highest UV intensity (24W/cm2) among air-cooled curing lights for UV printing. This device produces a new industry standard by providing the highest performance in a package that is also both the world’s lightest and smallest, at about half the size of a conventional air-cooled UV curing light offering high UV intensity (16W/cm2).

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