New AI-powered video analysis software adds an API for easier systems integration

09-04-2018 | BrainChip Studio | Design Applications

BrainChip Holdings Ltd has released an upgraded release of BrainChip Studio, version 2018.1. The product is an AI-powered video analysis software suite performing high-speed object search and facial classification for counter terrorism, law enforcement and intelligence agencies. New features make it simpler to find objects from a mixture of camera views, enable large-scale Linux deployments, and add an API that simplifies integration with other applications. Also, the software now runs on Linux, enabling cost-effective, large-scale server installations. “Linux is prized by some of our customers because of its cost-effectiveness in larger installations,” said Bob Beachler, BrainChip’s senior vice president of Marketing and Business Development. “As an added benefit, the streamlined nature of the Linux OS provides a 10% performance improvement for BrainChip Studio, compared to Windows.” ISC West 2018, booth 33107, April 11-13, Las Vegas