Cooling breakthrough delivers maximum performance at high temperatures

12-04-2018 | Abaco Systems | Subs & Systems

Abaco Systems has had a significant breakthrough in achieving optimum performance from a 3U VPX single board computer (SBC). By executing an innovative cooling strategy, the 12-core Intel Xeon D-1500 processor featured on the SBC347D can now operate at 100% of its capability at temperatures up to 75C in a cold wall (conduction cooled) environment.

“The advantage this unique cooling architecture gives users of the SBC347D is not only the higher performance that is required by many advanced applications but also the repeatability and consistency of that performance almost regardless of operating temperature,” said Richard Kirk, product manager, Abaco Systems. “The SBC347D will operate at its maximum frequency at all times - not just when it’s cool enough to do so. That can be highly advantageous in, for example, applications that require real-time determinism.”

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