Wireless energy harvesting light switch module has many possible applications

21-03-2018 | ZF Switches and Sensors | Test & Measurement

ZF Friedrichshafen offers what is claimed to be the world’s first wireless energy harvesting KNX light switch module. It is configurable via ETS (from ETS5). Whether it’s being used as a light switch, with or without dimming function or as a shutter switch, the wireless light switch module is easy to integrate and versatile, producing significant freedom during the planning stage. With the capacity to communicate without the need for a gateway, there are many possible applications, such as glass walls, flexible room partitions in functional buildings, or even mounted directly on a lectern. The module is a self-sufficient and maintenance-free radio solution requiring no cabling and no batteries. The actuation of the unit delivers enough electrical energy to transmit a full KNX-RF protocol in S-mode directly to any KNX-receiver. A low actuation force and a low operation noise are additional benefits of the new module.

By Craig Dyball