New series of directly modulated laser diodes for next-generation mobile and IoT networks

19-03-2018 | Renesas | Semiconductors

Renesas Electronics Corporation has a new RV2X6376A Series of directly modulated laser (DML) diodes. The DML diodes deliver 25Gbps x four wavelengths as the light source in 100Gbps optical transceivers that enable high-speed communications inside 4.9G and 5G LTE base stations, and between data centre routers and servers. The series is claimed to be the industry’s first DML diodes that support full 25 Gbps speed (per individual laser) and industrial temperature (-40C to 95C) without cooling.

“The RV2X6376A Series offers manufacturers the highest reliability solution for rugged outdoor 4.9G and 5G base station applications,” said Diwakar Vishakhadatta, vice president for High-Speed Optical Communications and Wireless Products at Renesas Electronics Corporation. “The bare die diodes’ wide temperature range and DML technology allow transceiver designers to achieve significantly lower systems cost than current designs using EML diodes.”

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