New high-performance blue violet laser diodes ideal for direct imaging applications

14-03-2018 | OptoElectronics | Semiconductors

The Optoelectronics Company is offering a new range of 405nm blue-violet laser diodes, from USHIO OPTO specifically targeted at direct imaging applications, and also ideal for industrial, biomedical and medical uses.

An exemplary diode in the range is a single transverse mode 405nm laser diode offering 300mW optical output power in a 5.6mm package. This diode is the USHIO HL40071MG which offers typical optical and electrical characteristics, (Tc=25C, cw), of 50mA threshold current, operating current of 280mA, operating voltage 6V, 6-degrees beam divergence parallel to the junction, 15-degrees beam divergence perpendicular to the junction, laser diode reverse voltage of 2V and operating temperature of 0C to +70C.

The USHIO HL40063MG and the HL40065MG are other new diodes in the range which are multimode with TE mode oscillation, blue-violet lasing wavelength of 405nm and extremely high optical output power of 600mW in a 5.6mm package.

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