NVMe chipset solutions to address emerging data center SSD requirements

22-03-2018 | Marvell | Semiconductors

Marvell is launching innovative NVM Express (NVMe)-based chipset solutions that will expedite the time to market for application-optimized data center SSD implementations. These new, versatile building blocks can optimally meet current and emerging workload storage requirements, latency, performance, spanning capacity, power and cost, to offer tailored SSD solutions for particular cloud and enterprise workloads.

The increase of cloud services and new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, is pushing various workloads in the data center. These evolving and increasing workloads can have differing storage demands that emerging SSD form factors are targeted to address. The company has developed innovative NVMe chipsets able to power the larger EDSFF, NGSFF and various customized form factors, offering the capability to grow storage capacity, performance and overall workload efficiencies.

Nigel Alvares, vice president of SSD and Data Center Storage Solutions at Marvell, said, “Cloud and enterprise data centers are increasingly highly-virtualized, multi-tenant environments supporting a growing number of different workloads with varying storage requirements. To help data center operators address and scale while not compromising quality of service, Marvell has built upon its storage technology expertise to develop industry-first NVMe chipsets that will deliver new scalable SSD architecture solutions optimized for data center workloads.”

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