Durable and stackable high-density board-to-board connectors meet high demands of industrial environments

01-03-2018 | Harwin | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Harwin’s new Archer Kontrol family of board-to-board connectors offers design engineers highly robust, as well as flexible, interconnect solutions that cover a wide spectrum of different industrial tasks. Covering 12 to 80 contact pin formats, these compact 1.27mm pitch connectors have a current rating of 1.2A per contact.

The products can be supplied in either vertical or horizontal orientation. These space-saving connectors are configured for surface mounting, thereby offering automated assembly processes, with hold-down solder tabs securing greater retention to the PCB. Thanks to their fully shrouded design, they can withstand the lateral and twisting forces that can be encountered in vibration-prone application settings. Also, the polarisation of the shroud helps in cases where blind mating is needed and can stand a significant amount of misalignment.

The family comprises parallel board-to-board or right-angle mother-to-daughterboard configurations. They are compatible with popular standard connector types. Thanks to the various heights and pin combinations available, these connectors afford maximum scope when it comes to the stacking of multiple boards. They feature a minimum insulation resistance of 1000MOhm, are voltage proof to 500VAC and have an operational temperature range covering -55C to 125C. Up to 500 mating/un-mating cycles are supported.

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