Upgrades to new-generation DDR4-2666 memory modules in server and industrial applications

23-03-2018 | Apacer | Subs & Systems

The rapid confluence of AI and the IoT have not only fueled an increasing demand for several smart application and smart devices and servers, but also improved performance demand in computing power and transfer speed. In answer to the progressive upgrade in Intel’s and AMD’s servers, desktop processors, and mobile processors platforms, as well as the increased support of adaptation of the DDR4-2666 specification, Apacer has outpaced competitors in the mass production of DDR4-2666 memory modules for server and industry applications. The company's DDR4-2666 memory is compatible with the latest Intel Purley and AMD EPYC processor platforms. Certain that DDR4-2666 memory will become the mainstream specification, director of the Vertical Market Application Business Division, Cindy Huang, revealed that the launch of Intel’s and AMD’s latest processing platforms will be compatible with the DDR4-2666 specification. These updates will point to a rise in interest for server replacement. They are also very important for the development of memory technologies. In recent years, the advancement of AI has shifted from cloud applications to edge computing applications. It is also steadily converging with IoT. The company is one of the leaders in mass producing native DDR4-2666 memory modules for server and industrial applications for all its products. Their modules are compatible with many products and meet JEDEC memory specifications. They support UDIMM, SODIMM, RDIMM, LRDIMM, ECC UDIMM, and ECC SODIMM specifications and range from 2 GB to 64 GB capacity choices. These products are aiming to satisfy the replacement needs of industrial computers, servers, and smart devices. By taking account of its dominance in vertical application markets, such as IoT, transportation, healthcare, defence, and gaming, and drawing on its excellent customisation capabilities and extensive industrial experiences, the company aims to preemptively gain a leading position in this wave of smart innovative development and be fully prepared for era of DDR4-2666.

By Electropages Admin