New embedded PC offers maximum convenience and versatility

29-03-2018 | Amplicon | Subs & Systems

Amplicon has introduced the new Impact-E x224BT, a high performance embedded computer created to provide longevity, expandability and reliability in demanding industrial applications. The PC delivers flexible expandability in a compact and reliable unit. With 2x full-length mPCIe and 2x PCI expansion slots, users can simply integrate this powerful computer into complex system architectures that demand multiple points of control and automation. Gavin Chalkley, industrial computing product specialist at Amplicon, said: “At Amplicon we are constantly working to deliver innovative systems that adapt to the rapid and constant changes in the market. We are aware that our customers’ current and future projects demand higher power, convenience and scalability. The new Impact-E x224BT offers all the exceptional features and reliability expected from an Amplicon PC.”

By Electropages Admin