New vertical, poke-home wire-to-board connectors

06-02-2018 | AVX | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

AVX Corporation has extended its range of vertical wire-to-board (WTB) connector options with the release of the new 00-9296 Series single-position, vertical, top-entry, poke-home connectors for discrete 18-22AWG solid or stranded wire. The new connectors offer simple, repeatable, robust, and cost-effective wire terminations. They have been created to replace both labour-intensive and inconsistent hand-soldered connections, as well as expensive, two-piece connector options in perpendicular, low-pin-count commercial, industrial, smart grid, and SSL applications with limited PCB space and conditions that make it challenging to achieve reliable and repetitive processes and maintain solder integrity.

This blend of characteristics and capabilities meets or exceeds those of two-piece connector options with higher component costs, as well as being cost-effective in comparison to the total applied costs of hand-soldered connections. Specific applications that are particularly well-suited to benefit from the price and performance value are industrial machine controls, e.g., motors, drives, power supplies, sensors, solenoids, fans, and pumps; commercial building controls, such as fire sensors and security; breakers, smart grid meters, and panels; and SSL applications, including fixtures, signage, LED drivers, and streetlights.

"The horizontal, poke-home, WTB connector market is saturated with companies like TE, Molex, WAGO, and dozens of Chinese manufacturers, but AVX is the far and away the leading supplier of vertical, poke-home, WTB connector products," said Tom Anderson, connector product manager at AVX Interconnect. "The vertical market is currently dominated by a combination of hand-soldered connections, AVX connectors, and AVX STRIPTâ„¢ contacts, and the new 00-9296 Series further extends our vertical connector portfolio with simple, robust, and cost-effective 18-22AWG wire termination solutions ideal for a variety of cross-market applications with limited PCB space and conditions that make it difficult to achieve repetitive and reliable processes and maintain solder integrity."

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