Phase invariant cable assemblies offer excellent phase and insertion loss stability

05-01-2018 | HUBER+SUHNER | Subs & Systems

Huber+Suhner has added the Minibend CTR to its family of phase invariant cable assemblies created for phase critical applications requiring precision electrical length connectivity. The product is a 0.86" cable assembly while the Mini141 CT is a 0.141" assembly – both offer excellent phase and insertion loss stability covering the temperature range -55C to +125C.

These cable assemblies combine the flexibility of the company's bend-to-the-end technology with excellent phase versus temperature performance that creates a reliable, stable, MIL-DTL-17 qualified cable solution to meet a very broad range of customer applications where phase stability is important. The bend to-the-end capability is applicable right behind the connector, and the use of solderless junctions means heightened system reliability.

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