MLCCs provide critical PCB space savings and component weight reductions

18-01-2018 | AVX | Passives

AVX Corporation has extended its space-qualified ESCC QPL 3009 Series X7R multilayer ceramic surface mount capacitors with new 200V PME MLCCs in 0805 - 2220 case sizes. Lightweight, compact, and available with capacitance values spanning 330pF - 330nF, the new MLCCs deliver meaningful performance advances over 200V MIL-PRF stacked ceramic capacitors and 100V MIL-PRF surface mount products in 100V circuits when space derating rules are applied. This provides engineers with effective, high-reliability solutions ideal for use in challenging space and defence applications, including satellite communications, space launchers, and the input/output filtering lines of space power supplies.

Tested to the ESCC's stringent 3009 standard, which is widely used in space projects the world over, the ESCC QPL 3009 PME Series now delivers high-reliability performance in voltage ratings spanning 25 - 200V, capacitance values spanning 4.7pF to 2.2µF, and 0805 - 2220 cases with ESA Variant 03, 06, and 07 terminations, depending on the dielectric.

"Our new 200V ESCC QPL 3009 PME MLCCs provide space and military engineers with improved performance over both 200V MIL-PRF stacked ceramic and 100V surface mount capacitors before the 100V derating rules are applied, resulting in significant size and weight advantages," said Michael Conway, product marketing manager, advanced ceramic products, AVX.

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