End-to-end connections enabled to the cloud for IoT-enabled devices

05-12-2017 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

Enabling developers to quickly and securely connect IoT endpoints to the cloud, Texas Instruments has integrated the new Amazon FreeRTOS into the SimpleLink MCU platform. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has worked with the company in the development of an integrated hardware and software solution that allows developers to swiftly establish a connection to AWS IoT service out-of-the-box and instantly begin system development. Amazon FreeRTOS provides tools one needs to quickly and easily deploy a MCU-based connected device and develop an IoT application without having to bother about the complexity of scaling across millions of devices. Once connected, IoT device applications can take advantage of the capabilities the cloud has to offer or continue processing data locally with AWS Greengrass. “Building an IoT solution requires expertise in embedded systems, software integration and cloud development, which are traditionally independent of each other. We have been working closely with AWS to help address some of the complexities by providing an end-to-end development platform,” said Mattias Lange, TI’s SimpleLink Wi-Fi wireless MCU manager. “By extending our relationship with AWS to integrate Amazon FreeRTOS into our SimpleLink MCU platform, we are enabling developers to move faster and focus on their innovative IoT products.” “AWS aims to simplify solutions for customers, and the addition of Amazon FreeRTOS does just that by allowing customers to securely connect all of their devices locally and to AWS, thus accelerating the development of IoT systems,” said Dirk Didascalou, vice president of IoT, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “By integrating with Amazon FreeRTOS, TI’s SimpleLink MCUs provide customers a complete end-to-end solution for cloud enabled IoT products and lowers the barrier for those looking to get their products faster to market.”

By Electropages Admin