Rugged, compact IoT gateway/controller delivers a secure and robust platform

12-12-2017 | Adlink | Subs & Systems

ADLINK Technology has introduced a robust and reliable IIoT-ready combination embedded controller and IoT gateway. The company's MXE-210 offers a small footprint and is fully operable in harsh environments from -40C to 85C, making it an excellent choice for transportation, industrial automation, agriculture/aquaculture, and smart city applications. Functioning as both an embedded controller and gateway, the device bridges the gap between OT and IT data interchanges. It gives supports for third-party producers via its broad range of industry standard compliances; support is included for EtherCAT, Modbus, MQTT, DDS, and CANOpen by Vortex Edge Connect, as well as Wi-Fi, BT, LoRa, 3G, and 4G LTE for data communication and wireless connectivity. As a controller, the device leverages the same protocols to directly communicate with and control any standard industrial device. “As Industrial Internet of Things applications continue to expand, manufacturers and other industries require functionality across a range of environments without the need to resource individual manufacturers to meet the conditions of each location.” said Ryan Huang, product manager for ADLINK’s Embedded Platform & Module Business Unit. “The MXE-210 Series provides industrial grade EMI/EMS EN 61000-6- 4/2 certified performance in extreme environments and, with EN 50155 EMC compliance, is ideally suited for use with all manner of rolling stock.”

By Electropages Admin