New global agreement to distribute IoT hardware solutions

01-11-2017 | Mouser Electronics | Design Applications

Mouser has announces a global distribution agreement with Helium. The company reduces total IoT costs of operations through easy-to-deploy, low-cost hardware that offers scalability and security. The product line features Atom Modules, starter kits, and adapters plus Element Access Points. Their Atom Modules, available in surface-mount and prototyping versions, are low-cost, easy-to-use, dual-band RF communication modules for IoT-enabled wireless products. The Atom incorporates a Microchip SAM R21 Arm-based microcontroller and 2.4GHz Microchip AT86RF233 IEEE 802.15.4 radio, and enables designers to easily and quickly add FCC, ETSI, and IC-certified wireless connectivity to hardware designs. Each module has a uniquely provisioned hardware root of trust to help ensure continuously authentic data. The company’s Starter Kits include everything required to easily give embedded devices secure, long-range connectivity. Each kit includes a Helium Atom prototyping module, a Helium Element access point with cellular connectivity, and a hardware adapter for Arduino and mbed, Raspberry Pi, or USB. Additional adapters are also available. The Element Access Points allow Atom devices to connect out of the box using the company’s wireless technology, which allows devices to communicate long distances with little interference and requiring no device-level configuration. Element Access Points are available in either cellular or Ethernet models; the Ethernet-backed Helium Element supports PoE, which eliminates the need for an additional power source.

By Craig Dyball