Energy-efficient PCIe clock generators deliver exceptional jitter performance

08-11-2017 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Mouser now stocks the Si522xx PCIe clock generators from Silicon Labs. This new family of clock generators is compliant with all current versions of PCI Express (PCIe), including PCIe Gen 4 and SRIS standards, delivering exceptional jitter performance of just 0.4 picoseconds RMS. The family’s wide-ranging applications include servers, storage, network interface cards, data centers, digital cameras, and docking stations. The clock generators use low-power push-pull output buffer technology to limit power consumption, reduce package size, and eliminate the need for external terminating resistors in HCSL outputs. The devices’ internal power filtering reduces component count, saving around 30 percent of board space compared to similar products. The Si52212, Si52208, and Si52204 devices can source 12, eight, and four 100MHz PCIe differential clock outputs, respectively, plus one 25MHz LVCMOS reference clock output, while the Si52202 can source two 100MHz PCIe clock outputs only. All of the devices feature individual hardware control pins for enabling and disabling each output, spread spectrum enable/disable for EMI reduction, and frequency selection for 133MHz or 200MHz differential output frequencies. These features can also be controlled via I2C. The clock generators are supported by the Si52204-EVB evaluation board, which allows engineers to evaluate the four-output Si52204 clock generator. The board features I2C port access, plus jumpers and SMA connectors for easy static configuration of the control inputs and selector switches for selecting the voltage for both core and IO supplies.

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