Secure fingerprint USB is made possible with controller and API software

30-11-2017 | Hyperstone | Subs & Systems

Biolog Device´s highly secure fingerprint USB features Hyperstone´s U9 flash memory controller. The company has chosen their controller and API to support the BFU100A´s design due to their notable flexibility and reliability in enabling customer firmware extensions.

The high-performance features of the U9 Flash Memory Controller coupled with Hyperstone’s API have allowed the design to become a truly unique USB stick. The device can be used over a range of embedded storage applications where security cares are a must.

Matthias Steck, Hyperstone AP's deputy general manager, underlined the role of the controller within the design: “By utilizing Hyperstone’s API software kit alongside our USB 3.1 controller, Biolog Device has developed a high-quality solution. This is a design where secure data storage, encryption and broad flash support are key, and we are proud to have played such a pivotal role in its design.” The BFU100A has a fingerprint sensor integrated into the front panel of the USB which is controlled though software commands sent over a high-speed SPI interface. “Highly secure personal settings, like mobile payments, accessing cloud services and unlocking phones can be achieved through fingerprint biometrics, and in our rapidly digitalized world, devices like the BFU100A are profoundly beneficial” states Dong Yun Kim, CTO of Biolog Device.

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