Integrated precision solution enables safer and more efficient battery manufacturing

20-11-2017 | Analog Devices | Subs & Systems

Analog Devices offers a precision integrated analog front end, controller and PWM for battery testing, with formation capable of increasing system accuracy, and efficiency in lithium-ion battery formation and grading.

The new AD8452 provides 50% more channels in the same amount of space, adding capacity and increasing battery production throughput, compared to conventional technology. The device uses switching technology that recycles the energy from the battery while discharging. This delivers 10 times more accuracy than conventional switching solutions. The higher accuracy allows for more uniform cells within battery packs and contributes to batteries which live longer in applications such as electric vehicles. It enhances the safety of manufacturing processes as it provides better detection and monitoring to help prevent over and undercharging which can lead to battery failures.

The device delivers BoM cost savings of up to 50% for charging/discharging boards and potential system cost savings of approximately 20%.

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