New smaller, smarter automotive-qualified motor drive systems for body electronics

05-10-2017 | Texas Instruments | Automotive Technologies

Texas Instruments offers its newest automotive-qualified motor drives that are suited to body electronics designs providing high efficiency, flexibility and overall system protection features.

The DRV10983-Q1 is claimed to be the first true sensorless sinusoidal automotive-qualified brushless DC motor driver, improving efficiency and silencing motor operation in seat ventilation as well as battery cooling, small fuel and water pumps and headlight applications. The single-chip solution reduces system noise and has enhanced on-chip protection features and an ultra-low sleep mode that improves system-level power consumption.

The DRV870x-Q1 family of brushed DC smart gate drivers provide programmable gate current, extended gate drive protection and detailed fault reporting. The devices integrate up to 16 passive components, shrinking board size while driving high performance in applications like window lifts, sunroofs and power seat modules.

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