Integrated software dev environment simplies development for ADAS and automated driving

23-10-2017 | Renesas | Design Applications

Renesas Electronics has announced that the Renesas e² studio integrated software development environment has been expanded with new features to support the R-Car V3M SoC for in-vehicle infotainment and ADAS. The software is an IDE based on the open-source Eclipse CDT software and already supports other company devices including the RZ/G Family and the Synergy MCUs. Expanded to support the R-Car V3M, the environment can now be used as a core tool for automotive SoC software development.

“We are excited to provide our open-source e² studio IDE along with our automotive SoC for ADAS and automated driving. The e² studio has been upgraded for R-Car V3M with various features to boost the performance of ADAS and automated driving applications,” said Akiya Fukui, vice president, Software Development Division, Broad-Based Solution Business Unit, Renesas Electronics Corporation. “With the new e² studio, we enable our customers to achieve improved development efficiency and faster time-to-market.”

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