Latest automotive stereo vision sensor improves vehicle safety

30-10-2017 | Cypress | Automotive Technologies

Cypress Semiconductor has announced that DENSO Corporation has selected the company’s six-channel automotive PMIC and FL-S Serial NOR Flash memory solution to enable the latest stereo vision sensor for ADAS. The sensor uses image processing techniques to detect obstacles of different shapes and lane lines, as well as empty spaces on the road. This supports autonomous emergency braking and automatic steering control to avoid obstacles. The company’s automotive PMIC regulates power for the entire sensor, and the memory enables fast program execution for high-performance systems. Every device has a small footprint making the solution ideal for this compact design.

“Our solution offers a small physical footprint and world-class performance that was an ideal fit for the design requirements for DENSO’s innovative stereo vision sensor,” said Kiyoe Nagaya, vice president of the Automotive Business Unit at Cypress. “We are proud to have our automotive PMIC and flash technology in this stereo vision sensor enabling smart, accurate and reliable safety features.”

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