AFE solutions designed for high performance, low power and small size ultrasound systems

15-08-2017 | Texas Instruments | Power

The AFE5828 AFE, from Texas Instruments, is a highly-integrated solution, specifically designed for ultrasound systems where high performance, low power and small size are required. The device is optimized for medical ultrasound application. It is realized through a MCM with two dies: one VCA die and one ADC die. The VCA die has 16 channels that interface with the 16 channels of the ADC die. The device also allows various power and noise combinations to be selected for optimizing system performance. Therefore, these devices are suitable ultrasound AFE solutions for systems with strict battery-life requirements. The device is available in a 15mm × 15mm NFBGA-289 package and is pin-compatible with the AFE5818 and AFE5816 family.

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