DNS tunneling detection eliminates weak spots of firewalls to preserve security

30-08-2017 | Rohde & Schwarz | Test & Measurement

Rohde and Schwarz Cybersecurity has launched enhanced traffic analysis capabilities to detect DNS tunneling. The new functionality provided by the DPI engine R&S PACE 2 can be utilized by IT security solutions to reliably detect malicious activity in network traffic in real time caused by DNS tunneling. With the enhanced DNS tunneling detection functionality of the DPI engine R&S PACE 2, the company now provides a highly scalable OEM software solution for network protection products. When embedded in a firewall, IT security vendors are able to inspect the entire DNS query for deeper markers of either good or bad behavior. This way, malicious attacks that bypass common security policies via DNS tunneling can be identified and prevented. The new DNS protocol classification feature not only adds further value to cybersecurity solutions but also improves their reliability and credibility that enterprises can rely on.

By Electropages Admin