New line of RF and microwave power amplifier accessories

03-08-2017 | Pasternack | Subs & Systems

Pasternack has released a new series of RF and microwave power amplifier accessories that includes heat sinks, heat sinks with cooling fans and power control cable assemblies. Heat sinks are devices that enhance heat dissipation from a hot surface and are ideal for thermal management of power amplifiers in test and measurement applications. A functioning power amplifier will generate elevated levels of heat that needs to be properly dissipated to insure the internal circuit assembly does not become damaged from extreme high temperature exposure. Operating at cooler temperatures and below the maximum operational temperature ensures optimum performance and reliability of the power amplifier will be maintained. The company offers eight different heat sink models, some of which are designated for general purpose usage and others are configured for select power amplifier models. These heat sinks feature finned extrusion profiles with large baseplate mounting surfaces and AC or DC power supply options for models that support integrated cooling fans. Most models include thermal mounting gaskets for optimal thermal flow. The general purpose heat sink models (PE15C5013 and PE15C5013F) can be used for all their power amplifier models where a heat sink is recommended, typically 1W and greater. To support test and measurement applications, the company offers four power control cable assemblies that are configured for select power amplifier models with D-sub connector interfaces. “Our new amplifier accessories are for use in combination with a wide selection of our power amplifier models. Designers will find these accessories extremely valuable for use in test and system level applications to ensure that optimum performance and long-term reliability are achieved,” said Tim Galla, product manager at Pasternack.

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